E-Cigarette Educational Website

by Aaron Glassman

The products discussed on this site are truly some of the  most innovative devices of our lifetimes. TIME magazine has called them “The Future of Smoking”, an opinion we share whole-heartedly.  Our mission is to help change the way people smoke, one drag at a time. We love these products – all of us that contribute to the site here are avid users – and we’re excited to share everything we know and continue the growth of these great products.

vapor cigarette users

Add yourself to the mix of people who are switching to vapor.

Many people ask about the e-cigarette, and wonder how it works, which brand is best, where to get the best price, what to look out for, and much more.  We’re here to help you with all of those questions. 

This site was originally a stop smoking website for the University of Virginia Commonwealth.  Now, we’re embracing the same ‘smoke free’ message and have accepted these products in our daily lives. We never leave home without them! They’re a clean, convenient way to get your nicotine delivery without the mess.

If you haven’t tried these vapor-producing devices, you’ve come to the right place.  We designed this site with the objective to educate consumers about how these products work and how they can be a positive impact on society.

Check out our reviews, linked in the navigation bar at the top of this website. We’re always trying out more brands and adding to the site constantly. The last updates were our V2 Cigs review, a brand we confidently call the best on the market. For more of our favorites, check out VaporFi if you like the tank style with refillable e-liquid, or Bull Smoke for the best value in the industry. These are some of the best choices on the market and we endorse them whole-heartedly.

Imagine what a smoke-free society would be like?

Follow this link to read about the top rated electric cigarette brands for 2014, with rankings of all the different products we’ve tried, links to all our reviews, our rating of each brand, as well as coupons for some steep discounts. As you’ll find, it is a much cheaper alternative to traditional smoking, and an even better deal with the discount codes provided.

Below, you can further your education by checking out a brand we’ve come to love and use every day:  V2. Their products are of the highest quality - whether it be their selection of kits, batteries, cartridges and accessories – their prices are competitive (and they often have promotions bringing their prices even lower), and the customer service and shipping times is some of the best we’ve experienced.

Buy One Get One Free at Bull Smoke

by Aaron Glassman

Bull Smoke logo

Today only, March 31st, take advantage of the Buy One, Get One Free sale at Bull Smoke!

Just use the discount code MARCHBOGO during checkout and your order will be doubled! Good for everything in their store.

Note from Bull Smoke – you won’t see the product quantities updated in your shopping cart when applying the discount code (it will actually just create a $.01 discount), but trust that having the MARCHBOGO code attached to your order will signal to their shipping department to double your order when packing it up for shipment. They run this promotion pretty often and we’ve always gotten the correct order with this sale.

Bull Smoke is already the best value in the e-cig industry with their $30 starter kit, and competitive prices on their cartridges, while having quality products that we’d put up against the other top e-cig brands any day. Add in the best customer service in the business and we love everything about Bull Smoke. Now is the best time to take advantage and get double the products at Bull Smoke! Read our full brand review of Bull Smoke here, or click the banner below to start shopping with this discount!

Adult Film Star Abella Anderson Promotes Bull Smoke

by Aaron Glassman

Bull Smoke

We’ve always loved Bull Smoke for their creative marketing. From their brand name, which stands out from generic names like “Green” or “Blu” in the e-cig industry, the whole wild west theme they’ve built around it, and their marketing promotions, we love how they aren’t afraid to stick their necks out there and make their brand stand out.

Following up on their hilarious promotion featuring Joanna Rohrback, better known as the “Prancercise Lady”, Bull Smoke just released a new endorsement featuring adult film start Abella Anderson.

In the sultry new video, which you can view below, Anderson liberally sprinkles sexual innuendo throughout, noting that she is no stranger to having things in her mouth, and her favorite flavor is “chocolate”…

Bull Smoke’s new marketing angle is that “everyone’s doing it”, and they’re starting to roll out new videos featuring endorsements from all walks of life. We look forward to who comes next!

Bull Smoke is hands-down the best value in the e-cig industry with their starter kit at $30, and we love the product which we’d put up against any of the other top brands out there. Just a great overall brand in all aspects. Check out our full review and get a Bull Smoke coupon code here!

Green Smoke “Big Game” Super Sale

by Aaron Glassman

Green Smoke Coupon

Hey, e-smokers -

Just a quick post to let you know about another sale going on, following up on the V2 Cigs discount that we saw earlier this week.

As we all know, it’s Super Bowl time, so Green Smoke is holding a BIG GAME Super Sale this weekend.

From January 31st through February 3rd, get 20% off everything storewide. Just enter the coupon code FOOTBALL20 at checkout and the savings are yours!

Green Smoke is one of the pioneers of the e-cigarette industry and are still among the top brands of e-cigs out there. Take a look at the Green Smoke Review, or start shopping now by clicking here. Have a great weekend and enjoy the savings on a great e-cig brand!

Green Smoke Coupon 20% Off

Vapor Zone Super Bowl Commercial

by Aaron Glassman

VaporZone logo

If you live in Florida, when watching the Super Bowl you probably saw a commercial for Vapor Zone. (For those of you outside of Florida, I’ve embedded video of the commercial below).

Usually when it comes to television commercials, it’s Blu Cigs that you see, so it’s nice to see another brand getting the exposure, especially one that we hold in such high esteem – it’s at #2 in our top e-cigarette rankings, and when it comes to the tank/e-liquid style of e-cigs there is no better brand out there. This brand is one of our favorites and visibility like this is surely going to skyrocket them even more.

Start Shopping at Vapor Zone

To follow up on this television promotion, Vapor Zone is also offering 20% off everything storewide through February 3rd, so go grab some e-cigs while there’s a deal to be had! No coupon needed, the discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Check out our full review of Vapor Zone for more details on this great brand, or start shopping and at VaporZone.com with this link.

V2 Cigs One-Day Sale on January 30th

by Aaron Glassman

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - best ecigs worldwide

Hey, vapers -

Just a quick post to give you a heads-up on  a sale going on at V2 Cigs on January 30th.

This is a one-day sale and they’re offering HUGE discounts – we’ve been following V2 for a while and we’ve never seen them drop their prices to this extent, so it’s time to buy!

Get 50% off starter kits and 30% off cartridges on January 30th!

Click here to start shopping at V2Cigs.com

There is no promo code needed, the discount will be applied at checkout.

Since day 1 we have had V2 Cigs as the best e-cig brand on our site, they’re simply the best out there. If you’re new to e-cigarettes, now is the time to pick up a discounted kit, and if you’re a veteran e-smoker, there’s no better time to stock up!

Read about how you can save BIG with an up to 40% off V2 Cigs Coupon or click on the banner below to go right to these savings! Act fast before time runs out!

V2 Cigs - electronic cigarettes - #1 Ecig Brand in the World!

E-Cigarette Black Friday Sales 2013

by Aaron Glassman

It’s that time of year! With Thanksgiving coming up this week, there’s deals to be had everywhere. Thanksgiving Sales, Black Friday Sales, Cyber Monday Sales… you can’t escape them.

The e-cig industry is no stranger to rolling out the specials during this frenetic shopping time, and there’s some great deals to be had. We’ll keep this page updated as more details come in from the various brands. There’s so many sales going on, it can be tough to decide where to go, so to make it easier we’ve arranged the promotions in the same order as our top e cigarette rankings.

V2 Cigs

Our #1 brand in our rankings, and widely regarded pretty much everywhere as the best e-cigarette in the industry, V2 Cigs is throwing their longest and biggest sale of the year this week.

Starting on Thursday, November 28th and extending through Monday, December 2nd, get 25% off everything at V2Cigs.com. No coupon code needed, the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Click the banner below to start shopping, or visit our review of V2 Cigs for all the details on what makes this our top brand.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - #1 Ecig Brand Worldwide!

Vapor Zone

Our review of Vapor Zone has been one of the most visited pages on our site. They make some incredible products that blow away the rest of the industry. There’s never been a better time to check them out than now while they are having a Black Friday sale. Their sale which starts at 6pm on Thursday and runs through Sunday, is for 30% off starter kits and buy two e-liquids, get one free. Click below to take advantage of this deal.


Premium Vapes

The newest entry to our top e cig brands rankings, and one of our top 3 favorite e-cigarettes, Premium is offering a great deal this week. From Thursday, November 28th through Sunday, December 1st, all starter kits are Buy One, Get One Free! No coupon needed, simply add the kits to your cart and you’re set! Visit Premium’s website by clicking the banner below or get more info in our Premium Vapes review.

Halo Cigs

Get 15% off everything in their store! Just use the coupon code CYBERGIFT. This sale runs from Thursday through Monday. Check out our Halo Cigs review to see why we have it ranked among our top 5 best e cig brands, or click below to start shopping.

Halo E-liquid

White Cloud

There”s a big sale this weekend at White Cloud electronic cigarettes – get 20% off your entire order with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY20. The sale starts Friday and ends at midnight on Monday. You can find our White Cloud review here, or visit their site by clicking their banner.

White Cloud Cirrus 2 Premium e-cigarette

Henley Cigs

The early details on this sale are that from now through December 20th they are having a 15% off sale. Just use the coupon code HENLEY15 to get that discount on your entire order, anything in their store! They’ve also hinted that they will have an even bigger deal on Black Friday — details to come on Friday — so be sure to check back and we’ll update as we know more. Read Henley Cigs review for more on this brand, or click below to take advantage of this sale now.

15% off Henley

Green Smoke

For 72 hours, Wednesday through Friday, Green Smoke is offering 15% off everything storewide. Just use the coupon code GOBBLE and the savings are yours. There is a minimum order requirement of $100 to qualify. Read more in our review of Green Smoke.


South Beach Smoke

There’s TWO different sales going on this weekend at South Beach Smoke. The Black Friday sale starts at 6pm Thursday and runs through Sunday, and everything is 40% off sitewide. Then, the Cyber Monday sale runs all day Monday and everything storewide is 50% off. Full details in our South Beach Smoke review here, or navigate to their site to start shopping by clicking below.

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice


Same parent company as the South Beach Smoke brand mentioned above, so the same promotions apply. Get 40% off Thursday-Sunday, and 50% off on Monday! Get more details on the EverSmoke brand, or visit their site by clicking below.

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes Look, Feel & Taste like the real thing, but they're not.

Firebrand Cigs

Some places have Cyber Monday sales, and then there’s Firebrand that has Cyber Week sales! From Tuesday, November 27th through Monday, December 2nd, get 25% off everything in their store. Just use the coupon code WEEK and the savings are yours. Read more about them in our Firebrand Cigs review here, or click below to stock up.

Firebrand 728x90

How to Get More Vapor From Your Electronic Cigarette

by Aaron Glassman

Many people don’t understand how to use e-cigs.

Today we’ll talk about getting the best experience from your e-cig in term of vapor production.

If you are a vapor fan and want your electronic cigarettes to omit maximum amount of vapor, here are a few things that you can do to make it happen:

First and foremost, use an e-cig battery that is fully charged. A fully charged battery will provide enough power to the cigarette’s atomizer, if you have an atomized device.  (We recommend brands that have a built in atomizer, like V2Cigs, Green Smoke, and the South Beach Smoke e-cigarette.

Secondly, you should use a full electronic cigarette cartridge. Don’t use a cartridge that is half empty or not entirely full. E-liquid is the liquid that is used to create the cloud of vapor you see when you exhale.

Using a clear tape, plug in all the holes available on the e-cig except for one. The air will enter directly from the atomizer and the small sized pin holes and the outside casing of the electronic cigarette. Find the holes and cover all but one to ensure least amount of airflow in the electronic cigarette. Even though when you do this, you will find that drawing on the e-cig has become a bit difficult, it will definitely help in increasing vapor production.

One of the biggest factors that contributes to the popularity of e-cigarettes is that they look and feel exactly like regular cigarettes. Smokers enjoy the whole act of inhaling and exhaling smoke and with electronic cigarettes, they can still get that feeling of proper smoking that is otherwise missing in other smoking cessation products. Most people prefer a big cloud of vapor rather than a small amount of vapor.

Hopefully that helps people understand how to get the most from their experience.

Living in a Smoke Free World

by Aaron Glassman

Call it a passion.  Call it a dream.  Call it a cry for help.

We call it our MISSION.

Hi, we’re alumnus from VCU, and our dream is to create a smoke free society.

The reasoning behind this mission is obvious, and recently we’ve found a solution that not only satisfies cravings but also provides the social interaction that cigarettes gives it’s users.

What we’re talking about is called the electronic cigarette.

These devices are smokeless and completely odor-free.  You can use them “anywhere.”  Even in places where cigarettes are banned – like restaurants, airports, and night clubs.

This website will depict our experiences with “e-cigarettes” (slang term for electronic cigarette) and recommend what we feel are the top e-cigarette brands.  Hopefully along the way you will join our mission and help us all create a smoke-free world.  If you support out cause, please sign our guest book and share your thoughts with us.